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Engineer Nael Faraj has set out to start a robotics program for a local school. This is when he realized his passion for building robots could be used in private industry and for parties and other events.  These robots can be controlled remotely.


There are three types of robots: Advertising robots and Entertainment robots and Robotic tripods.

Can be used at: Fairs, Grocery Stores, Malls, Shops. Showrooms, Grand Openings, Schools & Hospitals, Hotels, Airports


Are all high quality and highly functional robots that contain a computer, speakers,microphones, LCD Screen, Sound System, Camera, CD Player, Bluetooth etc... 

Have the ability to walk and move their arms and body parts. These robots are used for advertising in Malls, Airports, Schools..

Advertising Robots

Are entertainment robots that are used in events, houses, malls, stores, and gardens. Each robot has a different function. They contain Robotic Fountain, Disco Robot, Moving Mannequin, Stereo Robot, etc.. These robots are eco-friendly all made from Recyclable Materials. 

Entertainment Robots

There are two types of Robotic Tripods that have the ability to walk around in conferences, malls, events. They contain a video collaboration system, microphone, iPad system, camera, speakers, remote control. These robots Can be controlled from your device or remote control

Robotic Tripods


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